Visible to the public Resource Allocation for Threat Defense in Cyber-security IoT system

TitleResource Allocation for Threat Defense in Cyber-security IoT system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsWang, Manxi, Liu, Bingjie, Xu, Haitao
Conference Name2019 28th Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC)
Date Publishedmay
Keywordscomposability, Cyber-physical systems, cyber-security IoT system, dynamic game, Dynamic scheduling, Dynamical Systems, feedback solution, game theory, Games, Internet of Things, IoT, Mathematical model, Metrics, open loop solution, optimal control variables, optimisation, pubcrawl, Resiliency, resource allocation, resource allocation problem, Resource management, security, security of data, threat defense, Wireless communication
AbstractIn this paper, we design a model for resource allocation in IoT system considering the cyber security, to achieve optimal resource allocation when defend the attack and threat. The resource allocation problem is constructed as a dynamic game, where the threat level is the state and the defend cost is the objective function. Open loop solution and feedback solutions are both given to the defender as the optimal control variables under different solutions situations. The optimal allocated resource and the optimal threat level for the defender is simulated through the numerical simulations.
Citation Keywang_resource_2019