Visible to the public DDoS Mitigation and Intrusion Prevention in Content Delivery Networks using Distributed Virtual Honeypots

TitleDDoS Mitigation and Intrusion Prevention in Content Delivery Networks using Distributed Virtual Honeypots
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRahman, Md. Mahmudur, Roy, Shanto, Yousuf, Mohammad Abu
Conference Name2019 1st International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering and Robotics Technology (ICASERT)
Keywordsclient Websites, composability, Computer crime, computer network security, content delivery networks, Content distribution networks, DDoS attack mitigation, DDoS Attack Prevention, DDoS Attacks, DDoS security, denial-of-service attack, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), distributed virtual honeypot model, Human Behavior, Internet, intrusion, intrusion prevention, IP networks, Metrics, mitigation, Monitoring, Network security, Prevention, pubcrawl, Resiliency, resource allocation, resource allocation issues, security issues, Servers, virtual honeypot, Web demands, Web sites

Content Delivery Networks(CDN) is a standout amongst the most encouraging innovations that upgrade performance for its clients' websites by diverting web demands from browsers to topographically dispersed CDN surrogate nodes. However, due to the variable nature of CDN, it suffers from various security and resource allocation issues. The most common attack which is used to bring down a whole network as well as CDN without even finding a loophole in the security is DDoS. In this proposal, we proposed a distributed virtual honeypot model for diminishing DDoS attacks and prevent intrusion in securing CDN. Honeypots are specially utilized to imitate the primary server with the goal that the attack is alleviated to the fake rather than the main server. Our proposed layer based model utilizes honeypot to be more effective reducing the cost of the system as well as maintaining the smooth delivery in geographically dispersed servers without performance degradation.

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