Visible to the public BcIoT: Blockchain based DDos Prevention Architecture for IoT

TitleBcIoT: Blockchain based DDos Prevention Architecture for IoT
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsJamader, Asik Rahaman, Das, Puja, Acharya, Biswa Ranjan
Conference Name2019 International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICCS)
Date Publishedmay
KeywordsBcIoT, blockchain, blockchain technology, centralized system, composability, Computer architecture, Computer crime, computer network security, Conferences, contracts, data consistency, data integrity, data privacy, Data security, DDoS Attack, DDoS Attack Prevention, DDoS prevention, Distributed databases, hash based secret key, Human Behavior, Internet of Thing (IoT), Internet of Things, IoT technologies, Metrics, private key cryptography, pubcrawl, Resiliency, self-configuring things, smart contract security, smart things
AbstractThe Internet of Things (IoT) visualizes a massive network with billions of interaction among smart things which are capable of contributing all sorts of services. Self-configuring things (nodes) are connected dynamically with a global network in IoT scenario. The small things are widely spread in a real world paradigm with minimal processing capacity and limited storage. The recent IoT technologies have more concerns about the security, privacy and reliability. Sharing personal data over the centralized system still remains as a challenging task. If the infrastructure is able to provide the assurance for transferring the data but for now it requires special attention on security and data consistency. Because, centralized system and infrastructure is viewed as a more attractive point for hacker or cyber-attacker. To solve this we present a secured smart contract based on Blockchain to develop a secured communicative network. A Hash based secret key is used for encryption and decryption purposes. A demo attack is done for developing a better understanding on blockchain technology in terms of their comparison and calculation.
Citation Keyjamader_bciot_2019