Visible to the public A Study of Security Modeling Techniques for Smart Systems

TitleA Study of Security Modeling Techniques for Smart Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTripathi, Dipty, Maurya, Ashish Kumar, Chaturvedi, Amrita, Tripathi, Anil Kumar
Conference Name2019 International Conference on Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud and Parallel Computing (COMITCon)
KeywordsAnalytical models, critical security systems, Damage Assessment, fault trees, pubcrawl, Resiliency, risk management, secure smart system development life cycle, security, security modeling, Security Modeling Techniques, security of data, smart systems, Smartness, Software, Stochastic processes, system resources, system services, threat modeling, Unified modeling language
AbstractThe term “smart” has been used in many ways for describing systems and infrastructure such as smart city, smart home, smart grid, smart meter, etc. These systems may lie in the domain of critical security systems where security can be estimated in terms of confidentiality, integrity and some cases may involve availability for protection against the theft or damage of system resources as well as disruption of the system services. Although, in spite of, being a hot topic to enhance the quality of life, there is no concrete definition of what smart system is and what should be the characteristics of it. Thus, there is a need to identify what these systems actually are and how they can be designed securely. This work firstly attempts to describe attributes related to the smartness to define smart systems. Furthermore, we propose a secure smart system development life cycle, where the security is weaved at all the development phase of smart systems according to principles, guidelines, attack patterns, risk, vulnerability, exploits, and defined rules. Finally, the comparative study is performed for evaluation of traditional security modeling techniques for early assessment of threats and risks in smart systems.
Citation Keytripathi_study_2019