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Google released a patch to fix a vulnerability that researchers at Purdue University found in its Wear OS smartwatches. The exploitation of the vulnerability could have allowed attackers to crash specific apps, cause the watch to become unresponsive, or make the watch continuously reboot. The researchers used a tool they developed, called Vulcan, to discover the vulnerability. Vulcan applies the software testing technique, fuzzing, in which a program is fed with invalid or random data until it reveals a flaw. The Vulcan tool helped researchers identify the vulnerability in the latest version of the Wear OS and 13 highly-downloaded smartwatch apps available on Google Play, including Google Fit, Nike Run Club, and Google Maps. This article continues to discuss the critical vulnerability found in Google's Wear OS smartwatches, the tool used to make this discovery, and the growing insecurity of wearable devices.

Purdue Today reports "Google Fixes Smartwatch Security Problem Discovered by Purdue Researchers"