Visible to the public Aggregating Crowd Wisdom via Blockchain: A Private, Correct, and Robust Realization

TitleAggregating Crowd Wisdom via Blockchain: A Private, Correct, and Robust Realization
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsDuan, Huayi, Zheng, Yifeng, Du, Yuefeng, Zhou, Anxin, Wang, Cong, Au, Man Ho
Conference Name2019 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom
Date PublishedMarch 2019
ISBN Number978-1-5386-9148-9
KeywordsAggregates, blockchain, compositionality, crowd wisdom, crowd wisdom aggregation, Crowdsensing, crowdsensing systems, cryptography, data aggregation, Data collection, data confidentiality, data deletion, data privacy, Data Sanitization, data sensing, decentralized blockchain technology, Differential privacy, Distributed databases, ethereum, faulty data providers, hardware-assisted transparent enclave, Human Behavior, human factors, mobile client, mobile computing, privacy, pubcrawl, public blockchain, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, security properties, sensor-rich mobile devices, SGX-enabled server, smart contract, smart contracts, Task Analysis, third-party platform, transparent blockchain, trusted hardware, zero-knowledge proof

Crowdsensing, driven by the proliferation of sensor-rich mobile devices, has emerged as a promising data sensing and aggregation paradigm. Despite useful, traditional crowdsensing systems typically rely on a centralized third-party platform for data collection and processing, which leads to concerns like single point of failure and lack of operation transparency. Such centralization hinders the wide adoption of crowdsensing by wary participants. We therefore explore an alternative design space of building crowdsensing systems atop the emerging decentralized blockchain technology. While enjoying the benefits brought by the public blockchain, we endeavor to achieve a consolidated set of desirable security properties with a proper choreography of latest techniques and our customized designs. We allow data providers to safely contribute data to the transparent blockchain with the confidentiality guarantee on individual data and differential privacy on the aggregation result. Meanwhile, we ensure the service correctness of data aggregation and sanitization by delicately employing hardware-assisted transparent enclave. Furthermore, we maintain the robustness of our system against faulty data providers that submit invalid data, with a customized zero-knowledge range proof scheme. The experiment results demonstrate the high efficiency of our designs on both mobile client and SGX-enabled server, as well as reasonable on-chain monetary cost of running our task contract on Ethereum.

Citation Keyduan_aggregating_2019