Visible to the public Framework for Handover process using Visible Light Communications in 5G

TitleFramework for Handover process using Visible Light Communications in 5G
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsInn, Arba’iah, Hassan, Rosilah, Mohd Aman, Azana Hafizah, Abdul Latiff, Liza
Conference Name2019 Symposium on Future Telecommunication Technologies (SOFTT)
Keywords5G mobile communication, bidirectional transmission, digital machines, free-space optical communication, Handover, handover process, iiot, indoor environment, indoor radio, Industrial Internet of Things, Industrial IoT, Internet of Everything, Internet of Things, IoE, Li-Fi concept, light fidelity, light-fidelity, Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi), mechanical machines, Metrics, mobility and handover, mobility management (mobile radio), multi-access systems, multiuser access, Optical Wireless Communication, pubcrawl, Radio Frequency spectrum resources, Resiliency, RF spectrum resources, Scalability, smart devices, steerable access point, visible light communication (VLC), visible light communications, Visual Light Communications Security, Wireless communication, wireless communication technologies, Wireless fidelity
AbstractInternet of Things (IoT) revolution in 5th Generation (5G) will dynamically support all user, devices and customer worldwide where these devices, mechanical and digital machines will be connected and are able to communicate and transfer data over the network. In industries, the evolution of these technologies, known as Industrial IoT (IIoT) will enable machines to be connected and communicate where else, Internet of Everything (IoE) makes the connection more relevant between all smart devices, machines and also people with a huge data, high speed and high security. The growth of these technologies has made Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum resources for wireless communication to be more saturated. In order to solve this problem, new wireless communication technologies are proposed to meet the demand and also to enhance the performance of the system and overcome the existing bandwidth limitations. Studies done shows that Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi), based on Visible Light Communications (VLC) is one of the most promising technology in future which is based on optical wireless communication. Initial study on the Li-Fi concept has focuses on achieving speed, bi-directional transmission concept and supports multiuser access. In this paper we propose a frame work focuses on the handover process for indoor environment by using the steerable Access Point (AP) and compare the output result with fix Access Point.
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