Visible to the public CPS Optimal Control for Interconnected Power Grid Based on Model Predictive Control

TitleCPS Optimal Control for Interconnected Power Grid Based on Model Predictive Control
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsDing, Yueming, Li, Kuan, Meng, Zhaoxian
Conference Name2018 2nd IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (EI2)
Date PublishedOct. 2018
ISBN Number978-1-5386-8549-5
KeywordsAGC control strategy, automatic generation control, composability, control behavior, CPS, CPS modeling, CPS optimal control, frequency control, interconnected power grid, interconnected power systems, Metrics, model predictive control, optimal control, power generation control, power grids, power system control, power system interconnection, predictive control, Predictive models, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, simulations, Standards, statistical analysis, statistical methods, Trajectory

The CPS standard can be more objective to evaluate the effect of control behavior in each control area on the interconnected power grid. The CPS standard is derived from statistical methods emphasizing the long-term control performance of AGC, which is beneficial to the frequency control of the power grid by mutual support between the various power grids in the case of an accident. Moreover, CPS standard reduces the wear of the equipment caused by the frequent adjustment of the AGC unit. The key is to adjust the AGC control strategy to meet the performance of CPS standard. This paper proposed a dynamic optimal CPS control methodology for interconnected power systems based on model predictive control which can achieve optimal control under the premise of meeting the CPS standard. The effectiveness of the control strategy is verified by simulation examples.

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