Visible to the public Synergetic Synthesis of the Hierarchical Control System of the “Flying Platform”

TitleSynergetic Synthesis of the Hierarchical Control System of the “Flying Platform”
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsVoronkov, Oleg Yu.
Conference Name2019 III International Conference on Control in Technical Systems (CTS)
Keywords”flying platform”, aircraft control, aircraft control system, Computer simulation, control laws, control system synthesis, control theory, coordinating energy-saving control, disaster zones, disasters, electric motor control, emergency management, energy saving control, fan in the ring, flying platform, functional decomposition, hierarchical control system, hierarchical systems, machine control, nonlinear control systems, position control, pubcrawl, rescue operations, security, squirrel cage motors, synergetic control theory, synergetic synthesis, turbine generator, turbogenerators, vehicle spatial position balancing, vertically take-off aircraft
AbstractThe work is devoted to the synthesis of an aircraft control system using a synergetic control theory. The paper contains a general description of the apparatus and its control system, a synthesis of control laws, and a computer simulation. The relevance of the work consists in the need to create a vertically take-off aircraft of the “flying platform” type in order to increase the efficiency of rescue operations in disaster zones where helicopters and other modern means can't cope with the task. The scientific novelty of the work consists in the application of synergetic approaches to the development of a hierarchical system for balancing the vehicle spatial position and to the coordinating energy-saving control of electric motors that receive energy from a turbine generator.
Citation Keyvoronkov_synergetic_2019