Visible to the public Intrusion-Tolerant Autonomous Driving

TitleIntrusion-Tolerant Autonomous Driving
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsVöelp, Marcus, Esteves-Verissimo, Paulo
Conference Name2018 IEEE 21st International Symposium on Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC)
Keywordsautomobiles, autonomous driving, Autonomous vehicles, complex software, composability, Computer architecture, Distributed Systems, fault and intrusion tolerance, fault tolerant computing, fault-and-intrusion tolerance toolboxes, highly skilled equipped adversarial teams, intrusion tolerance, intrusion tolerant design, intrusion-tolerant architecture, intrusion-tolerant autonomous driving, Kernel, killer application, predictable hardware, pubcrawl, real time systems, Real-time Systems, Resiliency, Safety, security of data, Sophisticated Attacks, Task Analysis, traffic engineering computing, well equipped adversarial teams
AbstractFully autonomous driving is one if not the killer application for the upcoming decade of real-time systems. However, in the presence of increasingly sophisticated attacks by highly skilled and well equipped adversarial teams, autonomous driving must not only guarantee timeliness and hence safety. It must also consider the dependability of the software concerning these properties while the system is facing attacks. For distributed systems, fault-and-intrusion tolerance toolboxes already offer a few solutions to tolerate partial compromise of the system behind a majority of healthy components operating in consensus. In this paper, we present a concept of an intrusion-tolerant architecture for autonomous driving. In such a scenario, predictability and recovery challenges arise from the inclusion of increasingly more complex software on increasingly less predictable hardware. We highlight how an intrusion tolerant design can help solve these issues by allowing timeliness to emerge from a majority of complex components being fast enough, often enough while preserving safety under attack through pre-computed fail safes.
Citation Keyvoelp_intrusion-tolerant_2018