Visible to the public Challenges in Automation of Test Cases for Mobile Payment Apps

TitleChallenges in Automation of Test Cases for Mobile Payment Apps
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPandey, Ashutosh, Khan, Rijwan, Srivastava, Akhilesh Kumar
Conference Name2018 4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence Communication Technology (CICT)
Date Publishedfeb
Keywordsandroid, Android (operating system), Androids, Automatic Test Cases, Automatic testing, Automation, compositionality, electronic money, human factors, Humanoid robots, Internet, ios, iOS (operating system), iOS Security, Metrics, mobile applications, mobile based payment application, mobile computing, Mobile Payment Application, Mobile Testing, program testing, pubcrawl, Resiliency, security of data, smart phones, software development life cycle, software engineering, Software Testing, test case automation, Testing, Web applications
AbstractSoftware Engineering is a field of new challenges every day. With every passing day, new technologies emerge. There was an era of web Applications, but the time has changed and most of the web Applications are available as Mobile Applications as well. The Mobile Applications are either android based or iOS based. To deliver error free, secure and reliable Application, it is necessary to test the Applications properly. Software testing is a phase of software development life cycle, where we test an Application in all aspects. Nowadays different type of tools are available for testing an Application automatically but still we have too many challenges for applying test cases on a given Application. In this paper the authors will discuss the challenges of automation of test cases for a Mobile based payment Application.
Citation Keypandey_challenges_2018