Visible to the public An Extensible and Transparent Thing-to-Thing Security Enhancement for MQTT Protocol in IoT Environment

TitleAn Extensible and Transparent Thing-to-Thing Security Enhancement for MQTT Protocol in IoT Environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSu, Wei-Tsung, Chen, Wei-Cheng, Chen, Chao-Chun
Conference Name2019 Global IoT Summit (GIoTS)
Date PublishedJun
ISBN Number978-1-7281-2171-0
Keywordsciphertext-policy attribute based encryption, composability, computer network security, cryptographic protocols, data communication, data exchange protocol, electronic data interchange, Encryption, end-to-end security, Human Behavior, human factors, Internet of Things, Internet of things environment, IoT application developers, IoT security, massive IoT devices, Message Queue Telemetry Transport, Metrics, MQTT broker, MQTT protocol, MQTT Thing-to-Thing Security, MQTT-TLS, MQTT-TTS, Payloads, Protocols, pubcrawl, queueing theory, resilience, Resiliency, secure data exchange, telemetry, thing-to-broker channel encryption, Thing-to-Thing Security enhancement, Transport Layer Security

Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is widely accepted as a data exchange protocol in Internet of Things (IoT) environment. For security, MQTT supports Transport Layer Security (MQTT-TLS). However, MQTT-TLS provides thing-to-broker channel encryption only because data can still be exposed after MQTT broker. In addition, ACL becomes impractical due to the increasing number of rules for authorizing massive IoT devices. For solving these problems, we propose MQTT Thing-to-Thing Security (MQTT-TTS) which provides thing-to-thing security which prevents data leak. MQTT-TTS also provides the extensibility to include demanded security mechanisms for various security requirements. Moreover, the transparency of MQTT-TTS lets IoT application developers implementing secure data exchange with less programming efforts. Our MQTT-TTS implementation is available on for evaluation.

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