Visible to the public Research on a General Fast Analysis Algorithm Model for PD Acoustic Detection System: Pattern Identification with Phase Compensation

TitleResearch on a General Fast Analysis Algorithm Model for PD Acoustic Detection System: Pattern Identification with Phase Compensation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSi, Wen-Rong, Huang, Xing-De, Xin, Zi, Lu, Bing-Bing, Bao, Hai-Long, Xu, Peng, Li, Jun-Hao
Conference Name2019 11th International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation (ICMTMA)
Keywordsacoustic detection, acoustic emission, acoustic emission method, Acoustic Fingerprints, acoustic signal detection, Automation, composability, Conferences, conventional AE detection system, discharge fingerprint database, easy fault location, fault diagnosis, fault location, gas insulated substations, general fast analysis algorithm model, GIS, Human Behavior, insulation defect detection, intelligent analysis, live measurement, Mechatronics, operation high voltage, operation phase, partial discharges, pattern identification, PD acoustic detection system, phase compensation, phase information, pubcrawl, Q measurement, random phase difference, reference phase, reference voltage, Resiliency, substation operation, voltage 220.0 V, voltage signal source
AbstractAt present, the acoustic emission (AE) method has the advantages of live measurement and easy fault location, so it is very suitable for insulation defect detection of power equipments such as GIS, etc. While the conventional AE detection system or instruments always can't give a right discrimination result, because them always work based on the reference voltage or phase information from an auxiliary 220V voltage signal source rather than the operation high voltage (HV) with the real phase information corresponding to the detected AE pulsed signals. So there is a random phase difference between the reference phase and operation phase. The discharge fingerprint formed by the detected AE pulsed signals with reference phase using the same processing process is compared to the discharge fingerprint database formed in the HV laboratory with the real phase information, therefore, the system may not be able to discriminate the discharge mode of the field measured data from GIS in substation operation. In this paper, in order to design and develop a general fast analysis algorithm model for PD acoustic detection system to make an assistant diagnosis, the pattern identification with phase compensation was designed and applied. The results show that the method is effective and useful to deatl with AE signals meased in operation situation.
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