Visible to the public Enhancing the Performance Analysis of LWA Protocol Key Agreement in Vehicular Ad hoc Network

TitleEnhancing the Performance Analysis of LWA Protocol Key Agreement in Vehicular Ad hoc Network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsArthi, A., Aravindhan, K.
Conference Name2019 5th International Conference on Advanced Computing Communication Systems (ICACCS)
Date Publishedmar
KeywordsAd Hoc Network Security, authentication, automobiles, car safety, compositionality, cryptographic protocols, India, key agreement, LWA protocol key agreement, Metrics, mystery keys, NS-2 simulation, NS2 simulation, password, private key cryptography, Protocols, pubcrawl, Resiliency, restricted lightweight authentication protocol, road accidents, road safety, road side units, Roads, RSU, Security Arrangements, telecommunication security, user authentication, V2CH, V2V, VANET, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, vehicular ad hoc network, vehicular ad hoc networks

Road accidents are challenging threat in the present scenario. In India there are 5, 01,423 road accidents in 2015. A day 400 hundred deaths are forcing to India to take car safety sincerely. The common cause for road accidents is driver's distraction. In current world the people are dominated by the tablet PC and other hand held devices. The VANET technology is a vehicle-to-vehicle communication; here the main challenge will be to deliver qualified communication during mobility. The paper proposes a standard new restricted lightweight authentication protocol utilizing key agreement theme for VANETs. Inside the planned topic, it has three sorts of validations: 1) V2V 2) V2CH; and 3) CH and RSU. Aside from this authentication, the planned topic conjointly keeps up mystery keys between RSUs for the safe communication. Thorough informal security analysis demonstrates the planned subject is skilled to guard different malicious attack. In addition, the NS2 Simulation exhibits the possibility of the proposed plan in VANET background.

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