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Although smart home technologies are marketed to increase the convenience of our daily lives, many consumers still do not trust the privacy and security of these technologies. Researchers from WMG and Computer Science, University of Warwick, conducted a survey to which 2,101 UK consumers responded. The survey asked respondents questions regarding their awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT), their current ownership of smart home devices, experiences with using these devices, as well as their trust in the reliability, competence, privacy, and security of smart home devices. The survey findings suggest that consumers do have anxiety about the possibility of a security incident resulting from the use of smart home technology. Overall, respondents were unconvinced that their privacy and security would not be at risk when using such technology. Other survey results highlighted trends in smart home technology adoption based on gender, age, and education level. This article continues to discuss findings from the study of trust in smart home technologies' security and privacy.

Science Daily reports "Consumers Don't Fully Trust Smart Home Technologies"