Visible to the public Bridging The Gap: Data Exfiltration In Highly Secured Environments Using Bluetooth IoTs

TitleBridging The Gap: Data Exfiltration In Highly Secured Environments Using Bluetooth IoTs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCarpentier, Eleonore, Thomasset, Corentin, Briffaut, Jeremy
Date PublishedNov. 2019
ISBN Number978-1-5386-6648-7
Keywordsair gapped network, Bluetooth, Bluetooth IoT, Bluetooth smart bulb, botnets, Browsers, computer network security, cryptography, Data Exfiltration, free-space optical communication, highly secured network, home networks, Image color analysis, insecure IoT, Internet of Things, invasive software, IoT, IoT devices, malicious actor, Payloads, professional networks, pubcrawl, science of security, security, security measures, security standard, sensitive environments, sensitive information, Software, strict security policies, unprecedented threats

IoT devices introduce unprecedented threats into home and professional networks. As they fail to adhere to security best practices, they are broadly exploited by malicious actors to build botnets or steal sensitive information. Their adoption challenges established security standard as classic security measures are often inappropriate to secure them. This is even more problematic in sensitive environments where the presence of insecure IoTs can be exploited to bypass strict security policies. In this paper, we demonstrate an attack against a highly secured network using a Bluetooth smart bulb. This attack allows a malicious actor to take advantage of a smart bulb to exfiltrate data from an air gapped network.

Citation Keycarpentier_bridging_2019