Visible to the public An Image Encryption Method Based on Elliptic Curve Elgamal Encryption and Chaotic Systems

TitleAn Image Encryption Method Based on Elliptic Curve Elgamal Encryption and Chaotic Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLuo, Yuling, Ouyang, Xue, Liu, Junxiu, Cao, Lvchen
JournalIEEE Access
KeywordsAsymmetric Encryption, chaos, chaos game, chaotic communication, chaotic index sequence, chaotic system, chaotic theory, Chosen-plaintext attack, cipher image, compositionality, crossover permutation, cryptography, diffusion combined chaos game, DNA, DNA sequence, EC-ElGamal, Elliptic curve cryptography, elliptic curve ElGamal cryptography, elliptic curve ElGamal encryption, Elliptic curves, Encryption, generated scrambled image, Human Behavior, image secure communications, image sequences, key management problems, Metrics, novel asymmetric image encryption method, plain-image, potential security problem, pubcrawl, public key cryptography, Resiliency, SHA-512 hash, symmetric image encryption schemes
AbstractDue to the potential security problem about key management and distribution for the symmetric image encryption schemes, a novel asymmetric image encryption method is proposed in this paper, which is based on the elliptic curve ElGamal (EC-ElGamal) cryptography and chaotic theory. Specifically, the SHA-512 hash is first adopted to generate the initial values of a chaotic system, and a crossover permutation in terms of chaotic index sequence is used to scramble the plain-image. Furthermore, the generated scrambled image is embedded into the elliptic curve for the encrypted by EC-ElGamal which can not only improve the security but also can help solve the key management problems. Finally, the diffusion combined chaos game with DNA sequence is executed to get the cipher image. The experimental analysis and performance comparisons demonstrate that the proposed method has high security, good efficiency, and strong robustness against the chosen-plaintext attack which make it have potential applications for the image secure communications.
Citation Keyluo_image_2019