Visible to the public Fast Generation Redispatch Techniques for Automated Remedial Action Schemes

TitleFast Generation Redispatch Techniques for Automated Remedial Action Schemes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHuang, Hao, Kazerooni, Maryam, Hossain-McKenzie, Shamina, Etigowni, Sriharsha, Zonouz, Saman, Davis, Katherine
Conference Name2019 20th International Conference on Intelligent System Application to Power Systems (ISAP)
Date Publisheddec
Keywordsautomated intrusion response, automated remedial action schemes, Automated Response Actions, composability, contingency analysis, cyberattack, failure analysis, fast generation redispatch techniques, fast greedy algorithm, generation cost, generation redispatch, Generators, greedy algorithms, IEEE 118-bus systems, IEEE 24-bus system, Internet, Linear programming, Load flow, Mathematical model, online application, online RAS applications, optimal power flow, optimisation, power engineering computing, power generation dispatch, power system operational security, power system resiliency, power system security, power system stability, power systems resiliency, pubcrawl, remedial action scheme, resilience-oriented optimal power flow, Resiliency, security of data
AbstractTo ensure power system operational security, it not only requires security incident detection, but also automated intrusion response and recovery mechanisms to tolerate failures and maintain the system's functionalities. In this paper, we present a design procedure for remedial action schemes (RAS) that improves the power systems resiliency against accidental failures or malicious endeavors such as cyber attacks. A resilience-oriented optimal power flow is proposed, which optimizes the system security instead of the generation cost. To improve its speed for online application, a fast greedy algorithm is presented to narrow the search space. The proposed techniques are computationally efficient and are suitable for online RAS applications in large-scale power systems. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods, there are two case studies with IEEE 24-bus and IEEE 118-bus systems.
Citation Keyhuang_fast_2019