Visible to the public Autonomic Resource Management for Power, Performance, and Security in Cloud Environment

TitleAutonomic Resource Management for Power, Performance, and Security in Cloud Environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsFargo, Farah, Franza, Olivier, Tunc, Cihan, Hariri, Salim
Conference Name2019 IEEE/ACS 16th International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA)
Keywordsautonomic resource management, Autonomic Security, Big Data analytics, cloud computing, cloud computing systems, composability, Embedded systems, Hardware, High performance computing, machine learning, Monitoring, on-demand computing capabilities, Power and Performance Management, power consumption, Power demand, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Resource management, secure resources, security, security of data, Tools
AbstractHigh performance computing is widely used for large-scale simulations, designs and analysis of critical problems especially through the use of cloud computing systems nowadays because cloud computing provides ubiquitous, on-demand computing capabilities with large variety of hardware configurations including GPUs and FPGAs that are highly used for high performance computing. However, it is well known that inefficient management of such systems results in excessive power consumption affecting the budget, cooling challenges, as well as reducing reliability due to the overheating and hotspots. Furthermore, considering the latest trends in the attack scenarios and crypto-currency based intrusions, security has become a major problem for high performance computing. Therefore, to address both challenges, in this paper we present an autonomic management methodology for both security and power/performance. Our proposed approach first builds knowledge of the environment in terms of power consumption and the security tools' deployment. Next, it provisions virtual resources so that the power consumption can be reduced while maintaining the required performance and deploy the security tools based on the system behavior. Using this approach, we can utilize a wide range of secure resources efficiently in HPC system, cloud computing systems, servers, embedded systems, etc.
Citation Keyfargo_autonomic_2019