Visible to the public Data Security Enhancement in Cloud Computing Using Multimodel Biometric System

TitleData Security Enhancement in Cloud Computing Using Multimodel Biometric System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSingh, Kuhu, Sajnani, Anil Kumar, Kumar Khatri, Sunil
Conference Name2019 3rd International conference on Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technology (ICECA)
KeywordsAES, AES cipher, authorisation, biometric encryption, biometrics (access control), Ciphers, cloud computing, Conferences, confidential data, confidential information, cryptography, data centers, data hiding, data leak, Data security, data security enhancement, DNA, DNA cipher, DNA encryption, encoding, Encoding and Decoding, information retrieval, information storage, Metrics, multimodal biometric system, multimodel biometric system, multiple security system, Polymers, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, security authentication, smart phones, smartphones, unauthorized access
AbstractToday, data is all around us, every device that has computation power is generating the data and we can assume that in today's world there is about 2 quintillion bytes of data is been generating every day. as data increase in the database of the world servers so as the risk of data leak where we are talking about unlimited confidential data that is available online but as humans are developing their data online so as its security, today we've got hundreds of way to secure out data but not all are very successful or compatible there the big question arises that how to secure our data to hide our all the confidential information online, in other words one's all life work can be found online which is on risk of leak. all that says is today we have cloud above all of our data centers that stores all the information so that one can access anything from anywhere. in this paper we are introducing a new multimodal biometric system that is possible for the future smartphones to be supported where one can upload, download or modify the files using cloud without worrying about the unauthorized access of any third person as this security authentication uses combination of multiple security system available today that are not easy to breach such as DNA encryption which mostly is based on AES cipher here in this paper there we have designed triple layer of security.
Citation Keysingh_data_2019