Visible to the public Biometric Authentication Security System Using Human DNA

TitleBiometric Authentication Security System Using Human DNA
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsZahid, Ali Z.Ghazi, Mohammed Salih Al-Kharsan, Ibrahim Hasan, Bakarman, Hesham A., Ghazi, Muntadher Faisal, Salman, Hanan Abbas, Hasoon, Feras N
Conference Name2019 First International Conference of Intelligent Computing and Engineering (ICOICE)
Date Publisheddec
Keywordsbiometric authentication security system, biometric encryption, biometric features, biometrics (access control), cryptography, Cryptography System, cryptosystem technique, DNA, human biometric characteristics, Human DNA, human DNA based security systems, message authentication, Metrics, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, System authentication, system security
AbstractThe fast advancement in the last two decades proposed a new challenge in security. In addition, the methods used to secure information are drawing more attention and under intense investigation by researchers around the globe. However, securing data is a very hard task, due to the escalation of threat levels. Several technologies and techniques developed and used to secure data throughout communication or by direct access to the information as an example encryption techniques and authentication techniques. A most recent development methods used to enhance security is by using human biometric characteristics such as thumb, hand, eye, cornea, and DNA; to enforce the security of a system toward higher level, human DNA is a promising field and human biometric characteristics can enhance the security of any system using biometric features for authentication. Furthermore, the proposed methods does not fulfil or present the ultimate solution toward tightening the system security. However, one of the proposed solutions enroll a technique to encrypt the biometric characteristic using a well-known cryptosystem technique. In this paper, an overview presented on the benefits of incorporating a human DNA based security systems and the overall effect on how such systems enhance the security of a system. In addition, an algorithm is proposed for practical application and the implementation discussed briefly.
Citation Keyzahid_biometric_2019