Visible to the public Security Analysis of Improved One-Time Pad Cryptography Using TRNG Key Generator

TitleSecurity Analysis of Improved One-Time Pad Cryptography Using TRNG Key Generator
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsManucom, Emraida Marie M., Gerardo, Bobby D., Medina, Ruji P.
Conference Name2019 IEEE 5th International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC)
Keywordsavalanche effect, Brute Force Attack, brute force attacks, cipher text mapping, Ciphers, cryptographic algorithms, cryptography, Encryption, Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm, frequency monobit, Generators, human factors, information security analysis, one-time pad, one-time pad cryptography, OTP, policy-based governance, Prediction algorithms, PRNG, pubcrawl, random keys, random number generation, Refining, ryptography, trng, TRNG key generator
AbstractCryptography is one of the important aspect of data and information security. The security strength of cryptographic algorithms rely on the secrecy and randomness of keys. In this study, bitwise operations, Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm, and cipher text mapping are integrated in the proposed TRNG key generator for One-Time Pad cryptography. Frequency monobit, frequency within a block, and runs tests are performed to evaluate the key randomness. The proposed method is also evaluated in terms of avalanche effect and brute force attack. Tests results indicate that the proposed method generates more random keys and has a higher level of security compared with the usual OTP using PRNG and TRNGs that do not undergo a refining phase.
Citation Keymanucom_security_2019