Visible to the public Application of Bit Interleaving to Convolutional Codes for Short Packet Transmission

TitleApplication of Bit Interleaving to Convolutional Codes for Short Packet Transmission
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsWang, Meng, Zhan, Ming, Yu, Kan, Deng, Yi, Shi, Yaqin, Zeng, Jie
Conference Name2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS)
Keywordsbit interleaving, bit interleaving channel coding, bit interleaving coding schemes, bit interleaving structure, channel coding, code coding scheme, communication system, composability, Convolutional codes, Data Transmission, Error analysis, error correction, High reliability, industrial wireless communication, industrial wireless networks, interleaved codes, Interleaver, long packet transmission, Metrics, modulation coding, pubcrawl, radiocommunication, reliability, Resiliency, short packet transmission, short packets, simulation, telecommunication network reliability, Wireless communication
AbstractIn recent years, the demand for high reliability in industrial wireless communication has been increasing. To meet the strict requirement, many researchers have studied various bit interleaving coding schemes for long packet transmission in industrial wireless networks. Current research shows that the use of bit interleaving structure can improve the performance of the communication system for long packet transmission, but to improve reliability of industrial wireless communications by combining the bit interleaving and channel coding for short packets still requires further analysis. With this aim, bit interleaving structure is applied to convolution code coding scheme for short packet transmission in this paper. We prove that the use of interleaver fail to improve the reliability of data transmission under the circumstance of short packet transmission.
Citation Keywang_application_2019