Visible to the public Performance Analysis of Concatenated Error Correction Code in Secret Key Generation System

TitlePerformance Analysis of Concatenated Error Correction Code in Secret Key Generation System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsWang, Yufan, Peng, Linning, Fu, Hua, Li, Guyue, Hu, Aiqun
Conference Name2019 IEEE 19th International Conference on Communication Technology (ICCT)
Keywordsa shortened RS (SRS), BCH, BCH codes, channel coding, composability, concatenated codes, concatenated error correction code, cryptography, Decoding, Encryption, error correction codes, first-level error correction code, information reconciliation, Metrics, noninteractive information reconciliation scheme, numerical analysis, numerical simulations, physical layer security, pubcrawl, Reed-Solomon codes, Resiliency, RS codes, second-level concatenated code, secret key generation, secret key generation schemes, stream encryption, third-party eavesdropping elimination, wireless channel, Wireless communication
AbstractSecret key generation from wireless channel is an emerging technique of physical layer security. At present, most of the secret key generation schemes use information reconciliation to obtain symmetric keys. This paper introduces a non-interactive information reconciliation scheme based on channel coding and stream encryption, and considering the error correction capability, we design a concatenated code of BCH and RS codes as channel coding. The performance of concatenated error correction code has been analyzed in this scheme. Then, we compare the concatenated code with first-level error correction code in different test environments. Extensive numerical simulations and experiments demonstrate that the decoding performance of this second-level concatenated code is better than the first-level error correction code, and it can also effectively eliminate third-party eavesdropping.
Citation Keywang_performance_2019