Visible to the public Gestures Based CAPTCHAs the Use of Sensor Readings to Solve CAPTCHA Challenge on Smartphones

TitleGestures Based CAPTCHAs the Use of Sensor Readings to Solve CAPTCHA Challenge on Smartphones
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAbabtain, Eman, Engels, Daniel
Conference Name2019 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI)
Keywordsaccelerometer readings, Accelerometers, CAPTCHA, captchas, composability, gesture CAPTCHA challenge, gesture recognition, gestures, gyroscope data, gyroscopes, Human Behavior, human computer interaction, invasive software, Malware, mobile computing, mobile devices, Mobile handsets, network resources, performance evaluation, pubcrawl, security, security mechanism, security of data, sensor readings, Servers, smart phones, smartphones, usability, Usability.
AbstractWe present novel CAPTCHA challenges based on user gestures designed for mobile. A gesture CAPTCHA challenge is a security mechanism to prevent malware from gaining access to network resources from mobile. Mobile devices contain a number of sensors that record the physical movement of the device. We utilized the accelerometer and gyroscope data as inputs to our novel CAPTCHAs to capture the physical manipulation of the device. We conducted an experimental study on a group of people. We discovered that younger people are able to solve this type of CAPTCHA challenges successfully in a short amount of time. We found that using accelerometer readings produces issues for some older people.
Citation Keyababtain_gestures_2019