Visible to the public Cyber Security Strategy for Nuclear Power Plant through Vital Digital Assets

TitleCyber Security Strategy for Nuclear Power Plant through Vital Digital Assets
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsKim, Seungmin, Kim, Sangwoo, Nam, Ki-haeng, Kim, Seonuk, Kwon, Kook-huei
Conference Name2019 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI)
Date Publisheddec
KeywordsAccidents, composability, compositionality, Computational Intelligence, computer security, critical digital assets, cryptography, cyber attack, cyber security strategy, cyber-attacks, digital systems, emergency preparedness functions, Inductors, nuclear engineering computing, nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant Instrumentation, nuclear power plants, nuclear power stations, power generation, power generation reliability, pubcrawl, Safety, Security Control, security of data, Standards, total digital assets, Vital digital asset
AbstractAs nuclear power plant Instrumentation and Control(I&C) systems have turned into digital systems, the possibility of cyber-attacks has increased. To protect the nuclear power plant from cyber-attacks, digital assets are classified and managed as critical digital assets which have safety, security and emergency preparedness functions. However, critical digital assets represent 70-80% of total digital assets, and applying and managing the same security control is inefficient. Therefore, this paper presents the criteria for identifying digital assets that are classified as vital digital assets that can directly affect the serious accidents of nuclear power plants.
Citation Keykim_cyber_2019