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The FBI recently issued a private security alert to the US financial sector warning organizations of the rise in credential stuffing attacks against their networks as well as an increase in breaches and significant financial losses resulting from such attacks. Credential stuffing refers to an attack in which usernames and passwords leaked in previous data breaches are used to gain access to accounts at other online services. These attacks rely on automation to enter many username and password combinations into login pages of various online services, emphasizing the importance of not reusing the same login credentials for multiple services. According to the FBI, credential stuffing has become a major problem, particularly for banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, and investment firms. This article continues to discuss the FBI's alert about credential stuffing attacks targeting US financial institutions, which highlight the victims, impact, recent incidents, detection, and mitigation of these attacks.

ZDNet reports "FBI Says Credential Stuffing Attacks Are Behind Some Recent Bank Hacks"