Visible to the public Adding Custom Sandbox Profiles to iOS Apps

TitleAdding Custom Sandbox Profiles to iOS Apps
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCorneci, Vlad-Mihai, Carabas, Costin, Deaconescu, Razvan, Tapus, Nicolae
Conference Name2019 18th RoEduNet Conference: Networking in Education and Research (RoEduNet)
KeywordsAccess Control, attack prevention mechanisms, composability, confinement, confinement architecture, Containers, containment principle, custom sandbox profiles, Cyber-physical systems, ios, Kernel, Mobile communication, mobile computing, mobile devices, privacy, pubcrawl, Resiliency, security of data, smart phones, system monitoring, third party application
AbstractThe massive adoption of mobile devices by both individuals and companies is raising many security concerns. The fact that such devices are handling sensitive data makes them a target for attackers. Many attack prevention mechanisms are deployed with a last line of defense that focuses on the containment principle. Currently, iOS treats each 3rd party application alike which may lead to security flaws. We propose a framework in which each application has a custom sandboxed environment. We investigated the current confinement architecture used by Apple and built a solution on top of it.
Citation Keycorneci_adding_2019