Visible to the public Bidirectional Information Flow and the Roles of Privacy Masks in Cloud-Based Control

TitleBidirectional Information Flow and the Roles of Privacy Masks in Cloud-Based Control
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPedram, Ali Reza, Tanaka, Takashi, Hale, Matthew
Conference Name2019 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW)
Date Publishedaug
Keywordsbidirectional information flow, cloud computing, cloud-based control, cloud-based control architecture, Control Theory and Privacy, cyber physical systems, Cyber-physical systems, data privacy, downlink privacy masks, Gaussian noise, Gaussian process noise, Human Behavior, linear plant, Mutual information, noise levels, privacy, privacy loss, privacy-utility trade-off, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scalability, uplink privacy masks
AbstractWe consider a cloud-based control architecture for a linear plant with Gaussian process noise, where the state of the plant contains a client's sensitive information. We assume that the cloud tries to estimate the state while executing a designated control algorithm. The mutual information between the client's actual state and the cloud's estimate is adopted as a measure of privacy loss. We discuss the necessity of uplink and downlink privacy masks. After observing that privacy is not necessarily a monotone function of the noise levels of privacy masks, we discuss the joint design procedure for uplink and downlink privacy masks. Finally, the trade-off between privacy and control performance is explored.
Citation Keypedram_bidirectional_2019