Visible to the public An Improved Communications in Cyber Physical System Architecture, Protocols and Applications

TitleAn Improved Communications in Cyber Physical System Architecture, Protocols and Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMadhan, E.S., Ghosh, Uttam, Tosh, Deepak K., Mandal, K., Murali, E., Ghosh, Soumalya
Conference Name2019 16th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking (SECON)
Date Publishedjun
Keywordscloud computing, communication infrastructure, Computer architecture, computer network security, computerized integration connectivity, CPS, CPS infrastructure, CPS middleware, cps privacy, Cyber Physical system architecture, cyber physical systems, cyber world, Cyber-physical systems, data analytics, decision making, energy conservation, energy efficient protocols, Human Behavior, human factors, Internet of Things, Machine Communication, man-made physical world, middleware, mobile computing, mobile devices, mobile radio, Mobile Sensor Information Agent, Monitoring, MSIA, privacy, Protocols, pubcrawl, quality of service, quality of services, SDN, SDN-based CPS, security, Sensors, smart decision making, Software, software defined networking, software related mobile sensing paradigm, software-defined networking, telecommunication power management, Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless sensor networks, WSN
AbstractIn recent trends, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things interpret an evolution of computerized integration connectivity. The specific research challenges in CPS as security, privacy, data analytics, participate sensing, smart decision making. In addition, The challenges in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) includes secure architecture, energy efficient protocols and quality of services. In this paper, we present an architectures of CPS and its protocols and applications. We propose software related mobile sensing paradigm namely Mobile Sensor Information Agent (MSIA). It works as plug-in based for CPS middleware and scalable applications in mobile devices. The working principle MSIA is acts intermediary device and gathers data from a various external sensors and its upload to cloud on demand. CPS needs tight integration between cyber world and man-made physical world to achieve stability, security, reliability, robustness, and efficiency in the system. Emerging software-defined networking (SDN) can be integrated as the communication infrastructure with CPS infrastructure to accomplish such system. Thus we propose a possible SDN-based CPS framework to improve the performance of the system.
Citation Keymadhan_improved_2019