Visible to the public Entropy-based Fuzzy AHP Model for Trustworthy Service Provider Selection in Internet of Things

TitleEntropy-based Fuzzy AHP Model for Trustworthy Service Provider Selection in Internet of Things
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsAhmed, Abdelmuttlib Ibrahim Abdalla, Khan, Suleman, Gani, Abdullah, Hamid, Siti Hafizah Ab, Guizani, Mohsen
Conference Name2018 IEEE 43rd Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN)
Date PublishedOct. 2018
ISBN Number978-1-5386-4413-3
Keywordsanalytic hierarchy process, Analytical Hierarchy, building-blocks, complex multicriteria decision making, Computational modeling, computer theory, decision criteria, decision making, EFAHP Model, Entropy, entropy-based fuzzy AHP model, entropy-based fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy set theory, human factors, Internet of Things, Multi-criteria Decision Making, multicriteria decision-making problem, multimetrics trust, pubcrawl, reputation models, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, security, service oriented architecture, service-oriented architecture, trust metrics, trust model, trust scores, trust worthiness metrics, trust-based security mechanisms, trust-based service oriented architecture, trustworthy service provider selection, Uncertainty

Nowadays, trust and reputation models are used to build a wide range of trust-based security mechanisms and trust-based service management applications on the Internet of Things (IoT). Considering trust as a single unit can result in missing important and significant factors. We split trust into its building-blocks, then we sort and assign weight to these building-blocks (trust metrics) on the basis of its priorities for the transaction context of a particular goal. To perform these processes, we consider trust as a multi-criteria decision-making problem, where a set of trust worthiness metrics represent the decision criteria. We introduce Entropy-based fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (EFAHP) as a trust model for selecting a trustworthy service provider, since the sense of decision making regarding multi-metrics trust is structural. EFAHP gives 1) fuzziness, which fits the vagueness, uncertainty, and subjectivity of trust attributes; 2) AHP, which is a systematic way for making decisions in complex multi-criteria decision making; and 3) entropy concept, which is utilized to calculate the aggregate weights for each service provider. We present a numerical illustration in trust-based Service Oriented Architecture in the IoT (SOA-IoT) to demonstrate the service provider selection using the EFAHP Model in assessing and aggregating the trust scores.

Citation Keyahmed_entropy-based_2018