Visible to the public Collaborative Cyber-Physical Restoration for Enhancing the Resilience of Power Distribution Systems

TitleCollaborative Cyber-Physical Restoration for Enhancing the Resilience of Power Distribution Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLi, Zhiyi, Shahidehpour, Mohammad, Galvin, Robert W., Li, Yang
Conference Name2018 IEEE Power Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM)
Date PublishedAug 2018
ISBN Number978-1-5386-7703-2
Keywords33-bus power distribution system, collaborative cyber-physical restoration model, Collaborative restoration, convex programming, CPS Resilience, cyber physical systems, cyber-physical system, Cyber-physical systems, decision making, dependent subsystem, Economic dispatch, Economics, extensive cyber-physical interdependencies, extreme weather event, functionality loss, greedy heuristics, heuristic approach, Indexes, load dispatching, Load flow, Meteorology, modern power distribution system, operator decision making, physical subsystems, Power demand, power distribution, power distribution systems, power system resilience, power system restoration, pubcrawl, resilience, resilience index, Resiliency, restoration rapidity, second-order cone programming problem, Voltage measurement

This paper sheds light on the collaborative efforts in restoring cyber and physical subsystems of a modern power distribution system after the occurrence of an extreme weather event. The extensive cyber-physical interdependencies in the operation of power distribution systems are first introduced for investigating the functionality loss of each subsystem when the dependent subsystem suffers disruptions. A resilience index is then proposed for measuring the effectiveness of restoration activities in terms of restoration rapidity. After modeling operators' decision making for economic dispatch as a second-order cone programming problem, this paper proposes a heuristic approach for prioritizing the activities for restoring both cyber and physical subsystems. In particular, the proposed heuristic approach takes into consideration of cyber-physical interdependencies for improving the operation performance. Case studies are also conducted to validate the collaborative restoration model in the 33-bus power distribution system.

Citation Keyli_collaborative_2018