Visible to the public 2021 IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience (CSR)Conflict Detection Enabled

"The technological and industrial revolution brought by the Complex Cyber-Physical Systems (CCPSs) comes with new threats and attacks that exploit their inherent complexity and heterogeneity. Those attacks affect the operation of various services that are vital for the society functioning as energy, transport, communications, and so on. A system under attack, should exhibit resilience in the form of grateful degradation and/or survival and fast recovery of the functionality in order to avoid potentially uncontrolled cascade effects. To this end, the emerging field of Cyber Resilience can be understood as a mix of strategies, methods and techniques to support CCPS adaptive capacity during cyber-attacks. The conference focuses on both the theoretical & practical aspects of the security, privacy, trust and resilience of networks, devices, applications, and services as well as novel ways of dealing with their vulnerabilities and mitigating sophisticated cyber-attacks."

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