Visible to the public Secured Fine-Grained Selective Access to Outsourced Cloud Data in IoT Environments

TitleSecured Fine-Grained Selective Access to Outsourced Cloud Data in IoT Environments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsXia, Qi, Sifah, Emmanuel Boateng, Obour Agyekum, Kwame Opuni-Boachie, Xia, Hu, Acheampong, Kingsley Nketia, Smahi, Abla, Gao, Jianbin, Du, Xiaojiang, Guizani, Mohsen
JournalIEEE Internet of Things Journal
KeywordsAccess Control, authorisation, blockchain, cloud computing, cloud repositories, cryptography, data management, data owners, data privacy, Data Transmission, data users, Encryption, fine-grain access control system, fine-grained access control, Internet of Things, IoT environments, Key Policy Attribute Based Encryption (KP-ABE), key-policy attribute-based encryption (KP-ABE), KP-ABE, outsourced cloud data, outsourcing, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scalability, secured fine-grained selective access, smart contract
AbstractWith the vast increase in data transmission due to a large number of information collected by devices, data management, and security has been a challenge for organizations. Many data owners (DOs) outsource their data to cloud repositories due to several economic advantages cloud service providers present. However, DOs, after their data are outsourced, do not have complete control of the data, and therefore, external systems are incorporated to manage the data. Several kinds of research refer to the use of encryption techniques to prevent unauthorized access to data but prove to be deficient in providing suitable solutions to the problem. In this article, we propose a secure fine-grain access control system for outsourced data, which supports read and write operations to the data. We make use of an attribute-based encryption (ABE) scheme, which is regarded as a suitable scheme to achieve access control for security and privacy (confidentiality) of outsourced data. This article considers different categories of data users, and make provisions for distinct access roles and permissible actions on the outsourced data with dynamic and efficient policy updates to the corresponding ciphertext in cloud repositories. We adopt blockchain technologies to enhance traceability and visibility to enable control over outsourced data by a DO. The security analysis presented demonstrates that the security properties of the system are not compromised. Results based on extensive experiments illustrate the efficiency and scalability of our system.
Citation Keyxia_secured_2019