Visible to the public Wormhole Attack Detection using Energy Model in MANETs

TitleWormhole Attack Detection using Energy Model in MANETs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGayathri, S, Seetharaman, R., Subramanian, L.Harihara, Premkumar, S., Viswanathan, S., Chandru, S.
Conference Name2019 2nd International Conference on Power and Embedded Drive Control (ICPEDC)
KeywordsAODV, AODV routing, Apptool, Apptool simulator, compositionality, cryptography, dynamic request, dynamic route discovery, dynamic route request, encrypted values, end to end delay, energy level, energy model, high power transmission, intruder nodes, MANET Attack Detection, MANETs, Metrics, mobile ad hoc networks, network analysis, network communication, node energy, NS2 simulator, packet drop ratio, performance curves, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, static table driven technique, telecommunication network routing, unsecure transmission, wormhole attack, wormhole attack detection, wormhole attacks
AbstractThe mobile ad-hoc networks comprised of nodes that are communicated through dynamic request and also by static table driven technique. The dynamic route discovery in AODV routing creates an unsecure transmission as well as reception. The reason for insecurity is the route request is given to all the nodes in the network communication. The possibility of the intruder nodes are more in the case of dynamic route request. Wormhole attacks in MANETs are creating challenges in the field of network analysis. In this paper the wormhole scenario is realized using high power transmission. This is implemented using energy model of ns2 simulator. The Apptool simulator identifies the energy level of each node and track the node of high transmission power. The performance curves for throughput, node energy for different encrypted values, packet drop ratio, and end to end delay are plotted.
Citation Keygayathri_wormhole_2019