Visible to the public Methodology for determining the energy deficit penalty function for hydrothermal dispatch

TitleMethodology for determining the energy deficit penalty function for hydrothermal dispatch
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCarvalho, Martha R, Bezerra, Bernardo, Dall'Orto, Celso, Carlos, Luiz, Rosenblatt, Jose, Veiga, Mario
Conference Name2018 Simposio Brasileiro de Sistemas Eletricos (SBSE)
Date PublishedMay 2018
ISBN Number978-1-5386-3363-2
KeywordsBrazilian system, critério de suprimento, custo de déficit, economic deficit cost, Economics, energy deficit penalty function, energy deficits, função de penalização, government policies, hydroelectric power stations, hydroelectric reservoirs, hydrothermal dispatch, hydrothermal power systems, i-o systems security, i/o systems security, Input-Output Matrix, Linear programming, objective function, planejamento da expansão, planejamento da operação, power generation dispatch, power generation economics, power generation planning, power system economics, power system interconnection, pubcrawl, Reservoirs, Scalability, security, Surges, sustainable development, valor esperado condicional
AbstractThe penalization of the objective function due to energy deficits is a key element for determining the operational policy of hydroelectric reservoirs. Its definition impacts not only operations, but also system expansion. Brazil historically defined these penalties with basis on a proxy of the economic deficit cost, a value in \$/MWh obtained with aid of the Input-Output Matrix. We propose an approach where these penalties are obtained in order to minimize the operation cost and cost of rationing of the system, considering a criterion of security of supply. A case study with data from the Brazilian System illustrates its application.
Citation Keycarvalho_methodology_2018