Visible to the public A Secure Identity-based Deniable Authentication Protocol for MANETs

TitleA Secure Identity-based Deniable Authentication Protocol for MANETs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGupta, D. S., Islam, S. H., Obaidat, M. S.
Conference Name2019 International Conference on Computer, Information and Telecommunication Systems (CITS)
Date Publishedaug
KeywordsAd hoc networks, adequate security, authentication, Bilinear Pairing, compositionality, cryptographic protocols, cryptography, Deniable authentication, elliptic curve, Elliptic curve cryptography, Elliptic curves, heavy computational communication overhead, IBDA protocol, identity-based cryptography, identity-based cryptosystem, MANET, manet privacy, message authentication, Metrics, mobile ad hoc network, mobile ad hoc networks, mobile computing, mobile devices, mobile nodes, mobile radio, Protocols, pubcrawl, public key cryptography, Resiliency, secure identity-based deniable authentication protocol, telecommunication security
AbstractA deniable authentication (DA) protocol plays a vital role to provide security and privacy of the mobile nodes in a mobile ad hoc network (MANET). In recent years, a number of similar works have been proposed, but most of them experience heavy computational and communication overhead. Further, most of these protocols are not secure against different attacks. To address these concerns, we devised an identity-based deniable authentication (IBDA) protocol with adequate security and efficiency. The proposed IBDA protocol is mainly designed for MANETs, where the mobile devices are resource-limited. The proposed IBDA protocol used the elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and identity-based cryptosystem (IBC). The security of our IBDA protocol depends on the elliptic curve discrete logarithm (ECDL) problem and bilinear Diffie-Hellman (BDH) problem.
Citation Keygupta_secure_2019