Visible to the public EAODBT: Efficient Auditing for Outsourced Database with Token Enforced Cloud Storage

TitleEAODBT: Efficient Auditing for Outsourced Database with Token Enforced Cloud Storage
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGeeta, C. M., Rashmi, B. N., Raju, R. G. Shreyas, Raghavendra, S., Buyya, R., Venugopal, K. R., Iyengar, S. S., Patnaik, L. M.
Conference Name2019 IEEE International WIE Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (WIECON-ECE)
Keywordscloud computing, cloud service provider, composability, data privacy, database administration, database encryption, database management systems, database outsourcing, database privacy, Databases, EAODBT, efficient auditing for outsourced database, information proprietor, Integrity Auditing, Invertible Bloom Filter, IP networks, Metrics, Outsourced Database Integrity, outsourcing, outsourcing computation, pubcrawl, Query Auditing, reliability, Resiliency, search results provability, security, security issues, security of data, storage management, token enforced cloud storage
AbstractDatabase outsourcing is one of the important utilities in cloud computing in which the Information Proprietor (IP) transfers the database administration to the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in order to minimize the administration cost and preservation expenses of the database. Inspite of its immense profit, it undergoes few security issues such as privacy of deployed database and provability of search results. In the recent past, few of the studies have been carried out on provability of search results of Outsourced Database (ODB) that affords correctness and completeness of search results. But in the existing schemes, since there is flow of data between the Information Proprietor and the clients frequently, huge communication cost prevails at the Information Proprietor side. To address this challenge, in this paper we propose Efficient Auditing for Outsourced Database with Token Enforced Cloud Storage (EAODBT). The proposed scheme reduces the large communication cost prevailing at the Information Proprietor side and achieves correctness and completeness of search results even if the mischievous CSP knowingly sends a null set. Experimental analysis show that the proposed scheme has totally reduced the huge communication cost prevailing between Information Proprietor and clients, and simultaneously achieves the correctness and completeness of search results.
Citation Keygeeta_eaodbt_2019