Visible to the public Implementing Cyber Resilient Designs through Graph Analytics Assisted Model Based Systems Engineering

TitleImplementing Cyber Resilient Designs through Graph Analytics Assisted Model Based Systems Engineering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsDwivedi, A.
Conference Name2018 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security Companion (QRS-C)
Date Publishedjul
KeywordsAnalytical models, Big Data, centralized MBSE database, complex models, computer security, cyber resilience, cyber resilient designs, cybersecurity, decision analysis methods, design lifecycle, engineering cyber resilient systems, graph analytic assisted model, graph analytic methods, graph analytics, graph theory, inter-element relationships, MBSE, MBSE tools, mitigate cyber risk, model-based systems engineering, pubcrawl, resilience, resilience requirements, Resiliency, Resilient Security Architectures, risk, risk management, security of data, structured system engineering methodology, Systems Engineering, Tools
AbstractModel Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) adds efficiency during all phases of the design lifecycle. MBSE tools enforce design policies and rules to capture the design elements, inter-element relationships, and their attributes in a consistent manner. The system elements, and attributes are captured and stored in a centralized MBSE database for future retrieval. Systems that depend on computer networks can be designed using MBSE to meet cybersecurity and resilience requirements. At each step of a structured systems engineering methodology, decisions need to be made regarding the selection of architecture and designs that mitigate cyber risk and enhance cyber resilience. Detailed risk and decision analysis methods involve complex models and computations which are often characterized as a Big Data analytic problem. In this paper, we argue in favor of using graph analytic methods with model based systems engineering to support risk and decision analyses when engineering cyber resilient systems.
Citation Keydwivedi_implementing_2018