Visible to the public Modeling and measurement internal threat process based on advanced stochastic model*

TitleModeling and measurement internal threat process based on advanced stochastic model*
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLiu, D., Lou, F., Wang, H.
Conference Name2019 Chinese Automation Congress (CAC)
Keywordsadvanced stochastic model, Analytical models, complex networks, Computational modeling, Data models, firewall-password model, illegal data, Internal Threat, internal threats, Mathematical model, network protection, Petri net computing characteristics, Petri nets, pubcrawl, real-time risk measurement, resilience, Resiliency, risk analysis, risk measurement, Scalability, security, security model, security of data, Stochastic Computing Security, stochastic petri nets, Stochastic processes, threat behaviors
AbstractPrevious research on internal threats was mostly focused on modeling threat behaviors. These studies have paid little attention to risk measurement. This paper analyzed the internal threat scenarios, introduced the operation related protection model into the firewall-password model, constructed a series of sub models. By analyzing the illegal data out process, the analysis model of target network can be rapidly generated based on four protection sub-models. Then the risk value of an assessment point can be computed dynamically according to the Petri net computing characteristics and the effectiveness of overall network protection can be measured. This method improves the granularity of the model and simplifies the complexity of modeling complex networks and can realize dynamic and real-time risk measurement.
Citation Keyliu_modeling_2019