Visible to the public Web server security evaluation method based on multi-source data

TitleWeb server security evaluation method based on multi-source data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWu, K., Gao, X., Liu, Y.
Conference Name2018 International Conference on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Blockchain (ICCBB)
Keywordsanalytic hierarchy process, compositionality, Data models, data sources, evaluation indicators, host security threat assessment values, information processing, Intelligent Data and Security, Intelligent Data Security, Internet, IP networks, multi-source data, multisource data, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Safety, Scalability, security, security of data, Servers, single data source, web security assessments, web security evaluation, web security evaluation model, web server security evaluation method, web services, XML
AbstractTraditional web security assessments are evaluated using a single data source, and the results of the calculations from different data sources are different. Based on multi-source data, this paper uses Analytic Hierarchy Process to construct an evaluation model, calculates the weight of each level of indicators in the web security evaluation model, analyzes and processes the data, calculates the host security threat assessment values at various levels, and visualizes the evaluation results through ECharts+WebGL technology.
Citation Keywu_web_2018