Visible to the public A Trust Logic for Pre-Trust Computations

TitleA Trust Logic for Pre-Trust Computations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTagliaferri, M., Aldini, A.
Conference Name2018 21st International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION)
KeywordsComputational modeling, computational trust, computational trust model, Feeds, formal languages, formal logic, Human Behavior, human trust, JØsang Subjective Logic, logical language, pre-trust computations, pubcrawl, security, security of data, Semantics, social networking (online), social systems, subjective logic, Syntactics, trust logic, Trusted Computing, Uncertainty
AbstractComputational trust is the digital counterpart of the human notion of trust as applied in social systems. Its main purpose is to improve the reliability of interactions in online communities and of knowledge transfer in information management systems. Trust models are formal frameworks in which the notion of computational trust is described rigorously and where its dynamics are explained precisely. In this paper we will consider and extend a computational trust model, i.e., JØsang's Subjective Logic: we will show how this model is well-suited to describe the dynamics of computational trust, but lacks effective tools to compute initial trust values to feed in the model. To overcome some of the issues with subjective logic, we will introduce a logical language which can be employed to describe and reason about trust. The core ideas behind the logical language will turn out to be useful in computing initial trust values to feed into subjective logic. The aim of the paper is, therefore, that of providing an improvement on subjective logic.
Citation Keytagliaferri_trust_2018