Visible to the public Digitized Trust in Human-in-the-Loop Health Research

TitleDigitized Trust in Human-in-the-Loop Health Research
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSutton, A., Samavi, R., Doyle, T. E., Koff, D.
Conference Name2018 16th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST)
Date Publishedaug
KeywordsAI systems, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, Collaboration, collaborative health research environments, Computer architecture, data privacy, data transformations, digitized trust, groupware, hospitals, Human Behavior, human researchers, human trust, human-in-the-loop health research, Pipelines, pubcrawl, security of data, Trusted Computing, trustworthiness
AbstractIn this paper, we propose an architecture that utilizes blockchain technology for enabling verifiable trust in collaborative health research environments. The architecture supports the human-in-the-loop paradigm for health research by establishing trust between participants, including human researchers and AI systems, by making all data transformations transparent and verifiable by all participants. We define the trustworthiness of the system and provide an analysis of the architecture in terms of trust requirements. We then evaluate our architecture by analyzing its resiliency to common security threats and through an experimental realization.
Citation Keysutton_digitized_2018