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Call for Participation

Canberra Artificial Intelligence Summer School

Virtual, December 4-7th, 2020



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To bring AI to the broader technical and non-technical audience, we are organising a summer school under the title of the IEEE Canberra Artificial Intelligence Summer School -- and we are cordially inviting you to participate! We have secured high-calibre Australian and international AI experts, who will share their passion for both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and education.

It will take place as part of the Canberra Artificial Intelligence (CAI) Week, and it is a set of activities on Artificial Intelligence (AI) over more than a whole week from Saturday, November 28th, 2020 to Friday, December 4th, 2020. CAI is based on the principle of "AI4All" or "Artificial Intelligence is For Everyone". CAI has activities for the old and young, experts and non-experts, and technical and non-technical audience. CAI encompasses events like IEEE SSCI 2020, AI 2020, an AI Industry Exhibition, and much more -

Structure of this online summer school

  • Duration: four days in total, up to three sessions per day, each session going for 100-180 minutes.
  • Interactions: small breakout groups of <10 attendees, supported by all presenters, their teams, and the CAISS team.
  • Location: online, and groups of attendees can meet up "in real life" for sessions (not mandatory).

As interaction is vital, we will "engineer" the audience to maximise the diversity: each group will be composed of students, academics, industry, and members of the general public -- as well as facilitators.

Are you ready to be wowed by AI?

Confirmed Speakers

Together with them, we endeavour to provide you an engaging summer school. In alphabetical order:

Christian Wagner, University of Nottingham, UK,

Chunhua Shen & Qi Wu, University of Adelaide, Australia,

Emma Hart, Edinburgh Napier University, UK, and Gusz Eiben, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

Haris Aziz & Toby Walsh, University of New South Wales, Australia,

Pascal Kerschke, University of Münster, Germany

Song Guo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Yaochu Jin, University of Surrey, UK

Tentative Program
(GMT+11, Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

4 Dec, Friday: AI for dinner

  • 8.50pm Welcome
  • 9.00pm "Capture and Handling of Uncertainty at Source – using intervals rather than numbers in AI” (Christian Wagner)

5-6 Dec Saturday-Sunday: AI from dusk till dawn

  • 12am "Data-driven evolutionary optimization: From complex engineering design to deep neural architecture search” (Yaochu Jin)
  • 2am "Fundamentals, Benefits and Perspectives of Automated Algorithm Selection” (Pascal Kerschke)

7 Dec, Monday: AI for lunch

  • 10am "Game theory and market design" (Toby Walsh and Haris Aziz)
  • 12pm "Vision-and-Language: the next generation of AI" (Chunhua Shen and Qi Wu)

7 Dec, Monday: AI for dinner

  • 5pm "Edge Learning for Distributed Big Data Analytics: Theory, Algorithm and System Design” (Song Guo)
  • 7pm "Artificial Evolution of Robotic Ecosystems” (Emma Hart and Gusz Eiben)

Technical Details

Markus Wagner, University of Adelaide, Australia

Saber Mohamed Elsayed, University of New South Wales, Australia

Hussein Abbass, University of New South Wales, Australia

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