Visible to the public "FBI Warns of Spoofed FBI-Related Domains"Conflict Detection Enabled

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued an alert to the public about the registration of domains designed to spoof legitimate FBI-related websites. The agency also warns of the use of spoofed email accounts to trick victims into revealing sensitive information. Spoofed domains and email accounts can be used to spread misinformation and malware, as well as collect usernames, passwords, email addresses, and personally identifiable information. Users are encouraged to ensure that websites and email addresses are correctly spelled, keep their operating systems and applications up to date, and to use anti-malware software. The FBI also advises users to never enable macros on documents received via email unless the file has been scanned with an anti-virus application. This article continues to discuss the FBI's warning about the surge in spoofed FBI-related domains, how users can protect themselves, and the various reasons as to why adversaries spoof law enforcement or government websites.

Security Week reports "FBI Warns of Spoofed FBI-Related Domains"