Visible to the public Direct-Current and Alternate-Decay-Current Hybrid Integrative Power Supplies Design Applied to DC Bias Treatment

TitleDirect-Current and Alternate-Decay-Current Hybrid Integrative Power Supplies Design Applied to DC Bias Treatment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsChen, Z., Bai, B., Chen, D., Chai, W.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
Keywordsac demagnetization hybrid integrative power supplies, alternate-decay-current hybrid integrative magnetization, alternate-decay-current hybrid integrative power supplies design, apparent power 10 kVA, apparent power 2.0 kVA, compositionality, cyber physical systems, dc bias flux, dc bias magnetic compensation mechanism, dc bias treatment, demagnetisation, Demagnetization, demagnetization effect, demagnetization power supplies, external magnetic field, ferromagnetic materials, integrated power supplies, Internet of Things, inverter circuit, invertors, iron alloys, Magnetic domains, magnetic field strength, Magnetic flux, magnetic hysteresis, magnetic material, magnetic materials, Magnetic Remanence, magnetisation, material remanence, nanocomposite magnetic material, nanocomposite magnetic state adjustment, nanocomposites, negative dc magnetization, positive magnetization, power supply, power transformers, pubcrawl, rectifier circuit, rectifying circuits, remanence, Resiliency, Saturation magnetization, single-phase rectifier circuit, single-phase transformer structure, Soft magnetic materials, transformer main core, transformer windings
AbstractThis paper proposes a novel kind of direct-current and alternate-decay-current hybrid integrative magnetization and demagnetization power supplies applied to transformer dc bias treatment based on a nanocomposite magnetic material. First, according to the single-phase transformer structure, one dc bias magnetic compensation mechanism was provided. The dc bias flux in the transformer main core could be eliminated directionally by utilizing the material remanence. Second, for the rapid response characteristic of the magnetic material to an external magnetic field, one positive and negative dc magnetization superimposed decaying ac demagnetization hybrid integrative power supplies based on single-phase rectifier circuit and inverter circuit was designed. In order to accurately control the magnetic field strength by which a good de/-magnetization effect could be achieved, this paper adopts the double-loop control technology of the magnetic field strength and magnetizing current for the nanocomposite magnetic state adjustment. Finally, two 10 kVA transformers and the experiment module of the hybrid integrative power supplies were manufactured and built. Experimental results showed that the integrated power supplies have good de/-magnetization effect and practicability, proving the validity and feasibility of the proposed scheme.
Citation Keychen_direct-current_2018