Visible to the public Remanence State and Coercivity in 1-D Chain of Polycrystalline Hollow Cobalt Nanospheres

TitleRemanence State and Coercivity in 1-D Chain of Polycrystalline Hollow Cobalt Nanospheres
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGuerra, Y., Peña-Garcia, R., Padrón-Hernández, E.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Keywords1-D array, 1-D chain, aspect ratio value, Co, cobalt, cobalt HSs, coercive force, coercivity values, compositionality, curling-vortex state, CV state, cyber physical systems, Hollow spheres, hollow spheres (HSs), Internet of Things, Magnetic anisotropy, magnetic hysteresis, Magnetic Remanence, Magnetization, magnetization reversal modes, micromagnetic simulation, micromagnetics, monotonic decrease, nanomagnetics, nanostructured materials, onion state, Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, polycrystalline hollow cobalt nanospheres, pubcrawl, remanence, remanence state, Resiliency, shape anisotropy effect
AbstractIn this paper, we present a study about the remanence state and coercivity in 1-D chain of cobalt hollow nanospheres, by using micromagnetic simulation. The high coercivity values (Hc is determined in the range of 600-1800 Oe) and the monotonic decrease of remanence are attributed to the shape anisotropy effect due to an increase in the aspect ratio value. The configuration of magnetization in remanence showed the onion state for hollow spheres (HSs) with Re = 15 nm, whereas for Re = 30 nm, appear the curling-vortex (CV) state. Finally for a cluster of chains, constituted by cobalt HSs, with random orientations the CV state is preserved.
Citation Keyguerra_remanence_2019