Visible to the public NSA and SoS Announce Winner of the 8th Paper CompetitionConflict Detection Enabled

The National Security Agency and Science of Security annouced that "Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution" as the winner of its 8th Annual Best Cybersecurity Research Paper competition.

Originally published at the 2019 IEEE Security & Privacy Symposium, the winning paper, in combination with Meltdown, another award-winning paper released earlier by the same researchers, launched a global effort to mitigate critical vulnerabilities in processors.

NSA's Best Scientific Cybersecurity Research Paper Competition was initiated in 2013 with the intent to encourage the development of scientific foundations in cybersecurity and support enhancement of cybersecurity within devices, computers, and systems through rigorous research, solid scientific methodology, documentation, and publishing. Papers published in peer-reviewed journals, magazines, or technical conferences are eligible for nomination.

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