Visible to the public Towards Trusted Autonomous Surgical Robots

TitleTowards Trusted Autonomous Surgical Robots
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsAttia, M., Hossny, M., Nahavandi, S., Dalvand, M., Asadi, H.
Conference Name2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)
Date Publishedoct
Keywordsautonomous medical robots, autonomous systems, Biomedical monitoring, decision making, Health Care, health-care related tasks, Human Behavior, human factors, human intervention, human-related problems, Medical, medical robotics, Monitoring, pubcrawl, remote areas, resilience, Resiliency, Robot Trust, Robot-assisted surgery, robots, robust trust, soft tissue, STAR, surgeons, surgery, surgical skills, Task Analysis, Trust, trusted autonomous surgical robots, Trusted autonomy

Throughout the last few decades, a breakthrough took place in the field of autonomous robotics. They have been introduced to perform dangerous, dirty, difficult, and dull tasks, to serve the community. They have been also used to address health-care related tasks, such as enhancing the surgical skills of the surgeons and enabling surgeries in remote areas. This may help to perform operations in remote areas efficiently and in timely manner, with or without human intervention. One of the main advantages is that robots are not affected with human-related problems such as: fatigue or momentary lapses of attention. Thus, they can perform repeated and tedious operations. In this paper, we propose a framework to establish trust in autonomous medical robots based on mutual understanding and transparency in decision making.

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