Visible to the public Integrated Reliability Analysis of Control and Information Flow in Energy Internet

TitleIntegrated Reliability Analysis of Control and Information Flow in Energy Internet
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsJie, Y., Zhou, L., Ming, N., Yusheng, X., Xinli, S., Yongqiang, Z.
Conference Name2018 2nd IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (EI2)
KeywordsBayes methods, Bayesian conditional probability theory, Bayesian Network, bi-network interactive model, communication congestion, communication interruption, communication links, Communication networks, communication nodes, communication transmission instructions, communication-communication incidence matrices, communication-control incidence matrices, computer network reliability, connectivity probability calculation method, control instructions, control reliability, control-communication flow, control-communication incidence matrices, Controllability, controllability matrix, controllability metric matrix, controllability probability, Correlation, coupled congestion control, coupling model, decision making, effective path change, electricity business process, energy internet, incidence matrix, information network, integrated reliability analysis, Internet, link interruption scenarios, matrix algebra, Network topology, power business decision-making, power information, power markets, power service controllability, probability, probability index, pubcrawl, reliability, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, telecommunication power management, Topology
AbstractIn this paper, according to the electricity business process including collecting and transmitting power information and sending control instructions, a coupling model of control-communication flow is built which is composed of three main matrices: control-communication, communication-communication, communication-control incidence matrices. Furthermore, the effective path change between two communication nodes is analyzed and a calculation method of connectivity probability for information network is proposed when considering a breakdown in communication links. Then, based on Bayesian conditional probability theory, the effect of the communication interruption on the energy Internet is analyzed and the metric matrix of controllability is given under communication congestion. Several cases are given in the final of paper to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method for calculating controllability matrix by considering different link interruption scenarios. This probability index can be regarded as a quantitative measure of the controllability of the power service based on the communication transmission instructions, which can be used in the power business decision-making in order to improve the control reliability of the energy Internet.
Citation Keyjie_integrated_2018